People Have Lost Their Damn Minds

Like for real.

I naturally buy a little extra stuff from the store each time we do our shopping just so I don’t have to worry about running out of it. When you have 2 kids and a husband, many things slip your mind. And you don’t want to be stuck without trash bags or napkins that one night you have your friends over!

People have been absolutely hoarding stuff over COVID-19, and it’s kind of embarrassing. Like, I’m embarrassed for them.

The other thing that kills me is that everyone [well, not everyone, but a lot of people] kind of judged me for buying the year of Walmart grocery delivery.

But look who’s laughing now!!!!

I mean, I’m not laughing but, now I seem smart whereas before I was being lazy. Hah, ok…

It’s just been such a crazy time for everyone. Each day I keep wondering if my kids’ daycare will close, if my job will shut down, if anyone I know has gotten sick. I got sick with an upper respiratory infection, sinus infection, and out of control allergies that triggered my asthma and anxiety. I’m talking I got 4 shots in the ass at the Urgent Care to bring down to a somewhat normal level.

I’m not going to lie, I was terrified of going in there and hear them tell me I had gotten the virus. I had all the signs except fever!

Crazy thing is that there are a lot of sickness and allergy symptoms that mimic COVID-19. That’s probably what makes it more terrifying; the fact that any little cold or cough is a symptom.

I’m just praying and hoping that we can get our shit together as a society lol I know I laugh but it’s nervous laughter! Even if most people don’t get sick with it, it’s the aftermath and current destruction we’re doing to ourselves with the panic.

The people not the disease is what worries me.

Hope you’re all safe and symptom free. Enjoy the quarantine time, don’t fight it. Spend the time with your family and pets that you’ve probably neglected 😉