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2018 Oddlot: Red Blend

Ever have one of those nights where you’re like, “I don’t know what we’re eating for dinner but I know I’m not cooking it”? That’s what happened last night (and to be honest, a hell of a lot of other nights, too). I at least knew we needed some soup in our lives, so I […]

9 Crucial Tips For New Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides

Hello, HELLO New Wine Guides! First off, congrats on deciding to start your journey as a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide. I’m sure you already have an awesome “wine mama/daddy” to guide you along the way. I am just here to help kick start your wine business with some tips that I’ve learned on my own […]

trimbach 2018 pinot blanc wine review

Have you seen this wine on the shelves or online and wondered what it’s like? Here’s a non-paid and unbiased review based on my recent experience with the bottle. How Much Does It Cost? I was able to find Trimbach’s 2018 Pinot Blanc at Total Wine for $14.99. The price is very reasonable for a […]

8 wine myths you should know about

Remember that show MythBusters? Well, consider this your crash course MythBusters in wine. Sometimes information gets passed down through the years that may have changed or not be true altogether. Did you know? Before jumping into what’s not true, let’s take a look at some basic facts about good ol fermented grapes. Grapes are the […]

How to start an online wine business today with less than $60

No, it’s not a joke and yes, I’ve done it myself. I’ve had my wine side business for a bit over 2 years now. Let’s take a look at how you can start your own wine business today with less than $60. Can I sell wine online without a license? In short, no. Starting your […]

how to pair wine and food for beginners

Drinking wine is amazing, and eating food is fantastic. Having the two together, now that’s an out of this world, hot damned good time. what food is best paired with wine? There really isn’t a ‘wrong’ answer with pairings, because it’s all based on what you like. Here are some tried and true pairings, though, […]