i popped my aglianico cherry this weekend & have pics to prove it

Great morning my wine lovers!

As promised on my IG, I’ll spill the deets about my first experience with an Aglianco this weekend.

Let me start by helping you not struggle with how to pronounce the word- it’s ahl-YANN-ee-ko. And it’s Italian 😉

Aglianico is one of Italy’s best kept secrets (even though it’s believed to have come from Greece)! It’s a bold, red wine grown from the volcanic soils of Campania. Yes, the Campania where the famous Taurasi wine comes from. When you find a good one, it can be as top quality as Italy’s great Barolo or Nebbiolo, and even Sangiovese.

I snagged mine from Total Wine Friday afternoon. I paired it with a Sweet and Spicy burger from Whataburger, and it was divine. It’s a full flavored wine, so it pairs well with full flavored meats like BBQ and gamey dishes. It’s very smokey and heavy black fruit flavors! I personally picked up on a ton of vanilla and maybe chocolate flavors.

I had the Donnachiara Taurasi Aglianico, 2017. It was 38 bucks and worth the sip. My only complaint is how much sediment was at the bottom. But if you’re in the mood for a big flavored red wine, try it!