Confessions of a cheap wino

Photo by AESOP. Wines© on Unsplash

So hear me out…

I drink all kinds of wine, yall know that. And sometimes, rather than sipping on a finely aged and perfectly balanced wine, I just want to DRINK.

Those are the days where I hit up Sam’s Club and buy a few of those huge bottles of red blends and pinot grigio. I know some of yall have those days. At that point, it’s not really about the quality, but the vibe.

And sometimes, those are some of my fondest memories of drinking wine.

I may not be able to remember exactly what I was doing when I opened a $80 bottle, but I can tell you what I was doing when I opened a $5 Sangiovese from Total Wine! (I was putting up Christmas decorations with my hubby and kids).

I say all that to say, live your fuckin life. Buy the expensive wine. Buy the cheap wine. Just enjoy it for you and not for the critics.