2018 Oddlot: Red Blend

Ever have one of those nights where you’re like, “I don’t know what we’re eating for dinner but I know I’m not cooking it”?

That’s what happened last night (and to be honest, a hell of a lot of other nights, too).

I at least knew we needed some soup in our lives, so I sent hubby to Kroger to grab every flavor of Chunky soup in sight, red velvet cupcakes, and vino to pair.

The label is insanely cute

I ended up choosing the steak and potatoes soup, so I grabbed one of the wines he brought home: 2018 Odd Lot Red Blend.

When I popped the cork and started to pour, kid you not, I squealed like my 4 year old daughter at the sight of a L.O.L. doll. The berry aromas danced through my deviated septum and scent me into a frenzy trying to figure out what fruit I was smelling.

Raspberry. I finally landed on raspberry.

The raspberry smell to me was so intense but in the best way possible. The color was a nice garnet-to-brick color that made me want to stare at my glass all night.

In between my monstrous slurps of soup, I sipped and smiled. The flavors of this red blend were bold but not overpowering. It was very smooth, hints of black currant, and a softer berry flavor on the palate than what I smelled. I very much enjoyed it; hubby did too.

With it being a 2018 blend of 56% Cabernet Sauvignon and 44% Syrah, it didn’t let me down on what I was expecting. The structure was well balanced, making it an overall great dinner wine yet great to drink on its own, too. We finished the bottle in the living room watching Dinner for Shmucks.

I know, we’re romantic.

Let me know if you try the wine! We grabbed ours for $13 at Kroger. I’m sure you can find them at some local retailer near you.