trimbach 2018 pinot blanc wine review

Trimbach Pinot Blanc | Total Wine & More

Have you seen this wine on the shelves or online and wondered what it’s like? Here’s a non-paid and unbiased review based on my recent experience with the bottle.

How Much Does It Cost?

I was able to find Trimbach’s 2018 Pinot Blanc at Total Wine for $14.99. The price is very reasonable for a solid maker such as Trimbach. In general, Trimbach wines can range from $15-$60+ per bottle.

Pinot blanc is a white wine grape. It is a point genetic mutation of Pinot noir. Pinot noir is genetically unstable and will occasionally experience a point mutation in which a vine bears all black fruit except for one cane which produces white fruit.

– Wikipedia (lol)

What Does It Taste Like?

It was surprisingly very refreshing even though it was dry. It has some light citrus or stone fruit flavors. I think I was wanting more of the fruity flavor, but still really enjoyed drinking it. I paired it with a chicken cob salad, and it was delicious.

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I Recommend It!

All in all, if you see this on the shelf, grab it. It’s an easy sip, and easy to pair with pretty much any light meal you plan to have; chicken, salad, etc. If you try it, let me know what you think!