How to start an online wine business today with less than $60

No, it’s not a joke and yes, I’ve done it myself. I’ve had my wine side business for a bit over 2 years now. Let’s take a look at how you can start your own wine business today with less than $60.

Can I sell wine online without a license?

In short, no. Starting your own wines business from scratch will require permits and such. But with Traveling Vineyard, a top wine network marketing (or direct sales) company, you don’t need a liquor license or permit to be an Independent Wine Guide! That’s a huge cost and time saving perk of starting your business with Traveling Vineyard.

How can I sell wine online?

Traveling Vineyard gives you a few ways to get wine into the hands of your thirsty customers.

  1. send customers to your provided website to order
  2. create personal shopping cart links that you can text, email, or message to customers
  3. conduct a virtual party where customers shop from the party link you create

As a virtual wine guide, you run your entire business online. That’s freedom to work where and when you want.

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How much does it cost to start an online wine business?

There are different options to start your business. The one you’re interested in today is the Virtual Wine Guide option. For $59, you get all the tools you need to start selling wine today:

  • $35 Wine Credit to buy any Traveling Vineyard wines you want … you know, for research!
  • 20% wine discount on personal orders and REWINED wine subscription
  • Personal “Tasting Room” back office with access to digital marketing materials, tips and training, and one-on-one support
  • Personal shopping website (join month plus your first month is free, $15.95 per month after that)

Starting a business for less than $60 is more possible than you think.

Can I sell wine from home?

You can actually sell the wine from anywhere. The wines come from around the world and are shipped directly to the customer when they order it.

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  • You don’t keep any inventory at home
  • You don’t deal with the money, they pay Traveling Vineyard directly

A lot of the hassles are replaced with convenient ways to share wine with people and get paid for it.

Wine Guide Life could be your life

Discounts, fun, meeting new people, learning about wine through sipping it. These are all perks of being a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard.

paychecks and pinots

You get paid a 20% commission on every bottle that is sold. That allows you the opportunity to give virtual tastings at no cost to your clients. Traveling Vineyard pays their Wine Guides 3 times a month (and direct deposit!)

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