how to pair wine and food for beginners

Drinking wine is amazing, and eating food is fantastic. Having the two together, now that’s an out of this world, hot damned good time.

what food is best paired with wine?

There really isn’t a ‘wrong’ answer with pairings, because it’s all based on what you like. Here are some tried and true pairings, though, that are often crowd pleasers and taste really good together:

  1. Moscato paired with fruits and sweet foods
  2. Cabernet Sauvignon paired with bold meats like red meat, steaks
  3. Sangiovese or Zinfandel paired with pizza and dishes with tomato sauce
  4. Rosé with pork
  5. Chardonnay or White Wine paired with chicken dishes
  6. Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc paired with salads
  7. Riesling paired with spicy dishes

Play around with different flavors and see if you can create your own perfect pairing.

how do you pair wine with food?

There are two ways to pair wine and food. You can pair wines with foods that have similar intensities and taste profiles, or you can go with foods and wines that have opposite profiles to complete each other.

For example, a sweet wine and cake may be your favorite while someone else loves sweet wine with bitter, dark chocolate!

Pairing Wine and Food Infographic Chart

why is food and wine pairing important?

Sometimes you may not like a food or wine by itself, but you will like them together. I have helped a lot of people discover wines they never thought they would like, simply by pairing with a food that brought out the goodness in the wine.

that’s what friends are for

Just like friends in real life are there to support each other, that’s what wine and food do for each other. Food pairing is one of the awesome perks of having Traveling Vineyard wines. We call it sommology. Every bottle has a QR code on the label that shows you exactly what to pair each meal or wine with, and it even has the recipes.