3 Wines You Need for Your Easter Spread

I said-a hip, hop, the hippie, the hippie
To the hip hip hop-a you don’t stop 

Or whatever Sugarhill Gang said lol


That means bust out your pastel-colored-everythings and litter your house with bunnies. Get those strappy sandals with flowy dresses, fedoras and ribbons galore.

And don’t forget the Jesus pieces! Because that’s what it’s all about.

And speaking of Jesus, lets talk about the wines you need on your table for the big day…

VAYCAY, Penedes Sangria, Spain

Our award-winning authentic Spanish Sangria is a juicy red blend with hints of orange zest and cinnamon—a fun and fruity fine wine. Great for entertaining, it’s ready to be poured into an ice-filled pitcher and topped with lemon and orange slices. It’s as beautiful on the table as it is on your tongue.

$18.99 | Alc. 11.4%

2019 Bella Mente, Delle Venezie Pinot Grigio, Italy

Our easy-sipping Italian Pinot Grigio is fruit-driven, clean, and crisp, with refreshing aromas of white flowers, melon, and mineral. The delightful fruitiness makes this wine enjoyable by the glass, or paired with lighter dishes. A perfect spring sipper. 

$17.99 | Alc. 11.5%

2019 Hoot, California White Blend

Crisp, refreshing, and rich in flavor, our California blend has superb balance and delicate sweetness. This fruit-driven wine is fun and easy to drink, and also a delicious food partner. Sipping al fresco is highly recommended.

$18.99 | Alc. 11.7%

And did I mention that when you order 6 or more bottles, they all ship free??

Well, they do!

So there you have it, my beautiful people. Check out those wines in all their glory and tell me what you think. Order soon so they delivery in time for Easter!