Atomic Habits

Yall know I love reading, and I’ve been able to pick up a few great books lately. One of them is called Atomic Habits by James Clear.

I haven’t finished the whole book, but damn, the parts that I have read are really good. He gives every day, useful examples that you can relate to as well as some bigger, more amazing acheivements.

One of the first principles he teaches is the fact that we should just aim to be 1% better each day. That’s a powerful statement, because we always try to just hit that goal by any means necessary. We over work ourselves, we plan impossible steps to get there, we create so many barriers for ourselves.

He breaks down the difference between systems and goals. Goals are the ultimate thing you want to achieve, and systems are how you do it.

A lot of us have a goal of losing weight, but we have to create systems to get us there; even if it’s a very small change every day that isn’t even necessarily working out or eating better. For example, you could clean your kitchen so you’re more inclined to cook instead of eat out. You could wear your running shoes around the house if you’re more likely to move more with them on. You can set a glass of water on your night stand each night so you drink it in the morning. There are many small things we can implement each day to help us, and then all those things combine and work together to help us in the end.

I’ve been applying it to my workout goals and ‘operation clean home’ goals. The Home Edit plays a key part in that, too! I’ll do a separate post about that 😉

In the meantime, definitely check out his book, I highly recommend it!