Prejudice in the Wine Influencer World

I’ve been approached by several brands in the past couple of months who are interested in me doing some promo for them. I’ve seen a lot of people on IG do do promo for companies and thought it would be a nice gig to get into.

And so far I’ve LOVED every brand I’ve worked with. That’s because if I choose to work for a brand, that’s because I believe in their product and their standards are A-okay with me.

Everything was going fine until recently, I saw one brand who approached me and then kind of fell off. They instead had been investing time and product in a ‘winefluencer’. Now, I won’t go as far to say that they were being racists altogether, but there was definitely a different vibe on her page and she was White. They may have assumed that her followers were more likely to make purchases or liked the ‘aesthetic’ of her page more,

Fuck the aesthetics, you should want real people backing your product for the right reasons.

We’ll see if I decide to work with them …