Time for a new rack!

So we were lucky enough to be gifted an awesome, huge wine fridge from my sister (thanks sis) a few years ago.

Well, more like a lot of years ago. Let’s say give or take 6 years?

Anyway, we’ve had it a while no doubt, and haven’t ever really gotten the full use out of it. It’s really nice, you can store up to like 160 bottles in it. But we never have that many bottles on hand.

We are wine drinkers, not collectors!

That’s unfair; I know some of you drink a copious amount of wine but also have a mean stock pile. I’m just saying, we never really get around to saving up bottles. Although, I am hoping that’s about to change.

We’ve kind of reimagined the way we drink wine and are starting to build a little stash. I think we can finally have a good little collection to be proud of. This, of course, is dependent on a good little wine rack to hold them all!

I’ve been playing around with the idea of moving the big wine fridge into the garage and putting a more ‘dainty’ rack in the house. I saw a video yesterday about a DIY rack made from an Ikea shelf!

sidenote: I’m still pissed with Ikea for the moving trauma we had; none of our furniture got delivered and had to get a refund A MONTH later.

I think I’ll swallow my pride and try it out though, it looked badass.

So here’s to the future of a new more manageable and cute wine rack for us!

Did your own DIY rack? Let me see pics!