My Favorite Wine Is Low In Stock.

Dear Pendeloque (the wine I love),

Thank you so much for being the BEST DAMN WINE EVER. I’m oh so sad you’re low in stock but will forever remember our first kiss…

I had finally taken the time to try you as an add-on to my current order. I first fell in love with your label, so chic. The fact that you travelled all the way here from France just enticed me even more.

You arrived, perfectly packaged, with other friends in tow.

But I had my eye on you.

On the rack you went, nice and snug for your short first stay. By the time I was ready to prepare dinner, into the freezer you went. My husband and I were so excited to meet you, we pretty much made it an event itself.

The time came to pop your cork. You know we’re impatient, so we let you take a nice drip trip through the magic decanter for a quick quality boost. The sound of you wooshing through that teardrop-shaped weapon was music to my ears. From the bottle, through the decanter, and finally landing in my glass; what a brilliant red you are! Your color was so dense yet vibrant in the air.

Tilting my glass to check out the legs on you was a guilty pleasure. That full body of yours had me giddy with excitement. I knew you were going to pack a punch of flavor (and alcohol…)

Then the sniff, oh, the sniff. My nose tingled with integrated aromas of fruity berries and black pepper. After a quick swirl, your aromas cycled through the bowl of my glass like fabric softener on the rinse cycle; smacking me in the face.

My husband and I couldn’t take it anymore and finally put our glasses to our lips to take a sip…

OHHHHH geez, if someone would have told us you were so smooth, we wouldn’t have been so brave to dabble with you. So smooth that we couldn’t just have one glass. We were babies waking up for our 2am feeding; you had no chance.

From the silk like milk texture to the beautifully blended qualities of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, I knew you were my new fave. Supple, balanced and lively, dominated by “sourball candy” flavors without being sweet… Well-balanced medium tannins and structural acidity, you’re perfect!

We’ve probably already enjoyed between 7-10 bottles of your beautifully fermented gapes. Needless to say, I am currently in the process of ordering a few more bottles of you to properly say goodbye.

I hope everyone gets the chance to taste your beauty, Pendeloque.

Ashley the Winosaur