Get More Buzz For Your Buck By Drinking Dry Wine!

Some of you are die hard advocates for sweet wine. Anything that has the slightest hint of tartness will send you flying through the windows. Yea, I’ve seen some of you.

Then there’s another bunch of yall who completely disregard any wine that doesn’t suck all the moisture from your tongue, leaving you looking like SpongeBob out of water!

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But why does that happen? Why are some wines sweet and some in between or dry?

The grape sugar turns to alcohol.

You already know that wine comes from grapes. What you may not know is that the natural sugar in the grapes turns to alcohol during the fermentation process. That’s where the varying alcohol content comes into play.

The sweet wines you like have simply not been fermented to the same degree as the non-sweet wines, so there is still sugar in your wine. This may also be why you get a headache after chugging 2 bottles!

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Meanwhile, the good ol’ off dry & dry reds have been nicely fermented and practically erased any trace of sugar. In it’s place is a gleaming bottle of 14.5% or more ABV.

So Get More Buzz For Your Buck.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to turn up this week, or better yet turn down after a long day of work, try a bottle of red wine or even some off dry whites that are not as sweet. You’ll have a better, stronger buzz by the time you finish the bottle.

I mean finish the glass…😅

“But I Only Like Sweet Wine!”

Ok, ok, calm down. Here’s a solution for you.

Get a bottle of red or white that’s dryer than your normal taste preference and mix it with Sprite, 7 UP, or some sparkling drink/soda. Squeeze in some lime or lemon juice and you’ve got yourself a nice little spritzer.

It will be sweeter and fizzy; perfect for any beginner wine lover!

Or just try this tasty sangria made with a dry red wine!

Sangria recipe

You can also just try ‘upgrading your grapes’ in a progressive way. What I mean is, start off drinking the moscatos and sweet rosés that you like. Then start introducing some semi-sweet whites like Malvasia Bianca or even Chardonnay to your palette.

Next are off-dry whites like Riesling and Muscat Canelli (sometimes these are sweeter than you think). Then move on to drier whites like Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc.

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Before you know it, you’ll be ready to move on to reds! I wouldn’t start off with a Merlot or Cabernet just yet. Take it easy with a Syrah, Grenache, or a basic red blend.

Now You’re Sipping Like A Pro.

Whatever that means 🤷‍♀️

I hope you’re at least considering trying some new wines now that you know it’s not so scary. And plus, you can get buzzed a lot faster just FYI!

Have any fun wine recipes you’ve created? Share them with me and I’ll feature them on my website!